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There is no room for complacency in today's fast moving business world.  Innovation & Creativity are the lifeblood of any organisation.  Yet few ever realise their full creative potential.  They focus on the day to day practicalities instead of developing innovative strategies for the future.

Big Ideas sets out to change all that.  Highly practical and accessible, it seeks to help you to establish an environment that encourages creativity.  It shows you how to:

  • Introduce creativity, innovation and change

  • Learn leadership methods that encourage creativity

  • Use tools and techniques for creative problem solving

  • Establish group environments that maximise creativity

The concepts and methods described have worked for numerous international companies and could work for you.  They are easily understood and easy to use. They are flexible enough for a variety of situations.

Big Ideas is a stimulating book from innovation maestro Jonne Ceserani.  It will enable you to look beyond traditional views of innovation and realise your innate creativity and talent.

Paperback: 16.99 + 4.95 postage and packing. ISBN 978-0-9570630-0-6.



Creative Problem Solving: Taking imagination through to action