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The Company Philosophy and approach

Power and Grace is a company dedicated to helping individuals and groups perform in order to achieve personal and business goals beyond dreams.

We can show you how to get results and show you where you may be going wrong.

Power is representative of energy, potential, resource, desire and dreams.

Power used with grace takes people and groups on a path to mastery, using talent and capability, elegantly, in an apparently effortless way, resulting in astonishing levels of performance.

Power used with grace is something you can have pride in.

When you live with power and grace you will feel centred in your own sense of well being and simultaneously feel energised by success and at peace knowing you are living with integrity.

Power used destructively is the dark side of course, often resulting in unhelpful conflict and poor performance.

We are dedicated to helping you find ways to live and work with power and grace.


Power and Grace can work with you in three main ways

We can coach individuals or groups helping people to establish clear goals and a sense of purpose for life and/or the organisation. This work can continue for whatever period of time proves helpful working together on a path to mastery, learning new skills and new ways of working, creating new strategies for dealing with both work and social life.

We can facilitate your meetings and conferences to ensure you get results. We operate rather like football referees, helping to keep the game focused and on track while the players focus on scoring the goals. We bring experience of tools, techniques and structures that help people work together collaboratively, achieve a real focus on ownership and accountability and get commitment to decisions and action.

We can train you so that you learn skills to sustain performance and change for yourselves. This is accomplished through leadership programmes, facilitation skills training, problem solving, decision and meeting management training.

How we might help you

      Know yourself

  • Know where you are going in your life

  • Know what resources and capabilities you have to help you be successful

  • Know how you decide how to behave in different social and work situations

      Know others

  • Know how others make sense of the world and why people behave the way they do

  • Know how to use language and behaviour with more flexibility in order to have more choices of response available

  • Know how others are motivated and why conflict can arise and ways to help resolve this constructively


      Know how to work together

  • Know how to provide leadership

  • Know how to facilitate individuals and groups helping people to get great results

  • Know how to design and manage meetings, helping people to work collaboratively to problem solve and get to decisions