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Facilitation Services

Facilitating meetings

Your meetings, small, large and conference scale will get greater results using professional facilitators.  While school children can be left to enjoy a game of football with little influence from the referee, the same is not true with international sides.  Great players need great referees for the game to flow.  Left to themselves they would be unlikely to make it through the game.

So it is in business and commerce.  A facilitator can release the players to focus on getting the job done and will shoulder the responsibility of managing the meeting climate/culture and the design of the meeting, ensuring that the meeting goals are met.

Keeping meetings to time and on track relieves frustration and represents a major cost saving and productivity improvement.

We have experience facilitating corporate strategy, marketing strategy, brand strategy, organisational development, and product development.

We stretch your thinking where needed by including external participants to challenge your view, including customers and consumers where you need deep insight into your market place. Where you need to step outside the box, we will use our creative problem solving skills to help you achieve this.  We will make sure get results.

Facilitating innovation & change

The main issue when trying to create innovation and change in organisations and people is the difficulty of stepping back to see the wood for the trees.

A secondary issue is that all innovations and change is complex.  In an effort to understand it and make it understandable to others many people fall back on simplistic structural approaches to redesigning people, products and organisations.  These inevitably fail because it is the people and the way they behave that permits new ways of working to function, or not.  It is not the systems and structures.

We have experience of helping people to step back, the tools to help them see the world in new ways, the techniques to help people listen and be truly collaborative.  We support the enduring change that can result by helping you to invent and implement new ways of working.  We can also help you develop the skills and capabilities to go on and support yourselves.


Paradoxically simplification is about complexity.  How often do you find yourself wondering how a simple job or a simple product somehow seems to have become so complicated?

Simplification harnesses the power of complexity theory in order to help you see the wood for the trees and make choices about taking back control. Complexity theory deals with adaptive stretch, the idea that all systems adapt and change to reflect the way the world develops.  This can mean that you find yourself supporting a system that is now so far removed from what it is designed to do that is time to reflect and build anew.

This process applies to people, plants, computer systems, factories and any system you care to name.

Let us help you to step back and regain sanity in what may have become an insane world.