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The Hill Walking Coach - Executive & Life Coaching

Take the time to reflect upon life by coming for a walk in the Peak District National Park for your one-to-one or team coaching session.  The walk can be a gentle stroll down an old railway line, flattish therefore, or something a little more challenging.  Sessions are typically of 2 hours duration so we will not go very far.

Many people in many walks of life use coaches to help them raise their level of performance.  Sportsmen and women most obviously use coaches.  Actors use voice coaches.  Politicians use presentation coaches.

These people all recognise that they have a base level of performance that can be improved by their own efforts.  To go beyond that level help is often useful.

This also applies to people in business.  Those who wish to perform outstandingly well, making the most of their gifts and talents to get the best results they are able to, both for themselves and for the people around them, are likely to benefit from coaching.

Coaching applies to individuals and to groups.

Coaching is a process of conversation, helping someone to become more aware of themselves, how they are successful, the talents they possess, the capabilities they use, the gifts they are born with, in order to raise performance.

Coaching allows you to work at your own pace, to establish goals or objectives that you wish to work towards and to establish your own way to measure progress.

Coaching is firstly about the individual, so executive or life coaching are really one and the same and cannot be separated.  You may operate differently at work and at home because the situation is different, but you are the same person.

Group coaching involves knowing yourself first and then being prepared to open and share some of what you are learning with others to raise team performance.


For business financed programmes I charge 250 a session or you can commit to a programme of a pre-determined number of sessions at a discounted price.

If you are financing yourself then I charge 150 a session and discount this for a programme.

Team coaching rates are negotiable.


An introductory session is payable after the session.  All future sessions or a programme are payable in advance.  Sessions run within the White Peak attract no expenses.  Beyond that I make a mileage charge of 70p a mile.  VAT will be charged in addition to the fee on all invoices.

Contact Jonne Ceserani for an informal chat or more details