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Profiling to develop relationships with Lumina Portraits

Lumina portraits are a range of profiles that have taken years of developing research and a new approach to create a paradigm shift in profile design.  This means that you can take all of the previous work you have invested in with earlier systems and develop it further, rather than rejecting all that has gone before.

  • Lumina Spark Portraits are for the individual

  • Lumina Leader measures individual leadership qualities

  • Lumina Leader 360 shows your colleagues perception of your leadership qualities

  • Lumina Sales, Lumina Team and Lumina Culture offer a range of alternative views.  All of the profiles can be tailored to fit with your existing programmes

Your business and why you need this

Collaborative teamwork is at the core of all innovation.  Ideas arise in individuals, connecting ideas to develop innovative solutions needs a high performing and focused team of people.

Developing your skills for creating relationships begins with developing self-awareness.  This knowledge is how you make judgements about others so the path to mastery for creating relationships begins with know yourself, so that you can know others and then work on developing behavioural flexibility.

Lumina Portraits are a paradigm shift in profiling that has developed all of the previous work delivered by Jungian based tools, (such as MBTI, DISC, Insights, etc.) and embraced the paradox of opposites.

All previous profiles measure functions like extraversion and introversion as a single continuum, therefore if you declare yourself to be 75% extravert the only possibility within the models is that you are 25% introvert.  A typical response is that this is not so as many claim they are very extraverted sometimes and at other times very introverted.

The latter position is closer to real experience and embracing the paradox is designed into the Lumina model.  All functions, like extraversion and introversion are measured separately therefore you can legitimately claim to be 100% extravert and up to 100% introvert.  The result is a more insightful and all-embracing profile that recognises people's different preferences in different circumstances.

The embracing of the paradox goes further as three persona are also measured separately, your underlying self, your everyday self and your overextended self.

Benefits to you and your organisation

  • More self-aware people who can make more useful behavioural choices giving positive outcomes, avoiding wasting time and energy on pointless conversations

  • A shared language for talking about relationships and team working so that diverse people can be brought together easily and quickly to get on with productive work

  • A shared language and approach so that you get results faster - saving time and money

  • More focused teams who know their strengths and how to use them getting solutions to market faster - beating your competition

  • A way to obtain solutions with less effort so that you improve quality - more satisfied customers

  • A way to avoid many mistakes and conflicts so that energy is focused on results - lower costs and improved profitability

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