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"I found the tools you showed me made so much sense that I was quite looking forward to going into the meeting - this had the great benefit of being able to see the bigger picture.  It worked extraordinarily well - he just needed to feel that he was being heard and had influence - the tools of reflecting back his behaviour and how it made me feel got us way past the usual barriers.  He went from a grizzly to a teddy bear in the space of the meeting - still got a long way to go - but it does now look very promising."
Innovation Manager, Orthopaedics Manufacturing Company

"Jonne’s work points to something extraordinary and in moments I got to experience the vast creative potential of the group.” Full case story
Alex Stanhope , Lead Specialist for Creative Industries, Technology Strategy Board

“Just 40 minutes sparked off a number of ideas enabling us to act and plan earlier.  Some of the ideas, such as the booklet, interactive websites, brand name and presenter panel, may never have happened without the session." Full case story
Christian Inglis, Lead Technologist for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, Technology Strategy Board

"Jonne did an outstanding job of bringing people into the process, even people who would not normally think of contributing to such a debate." Full case story
David Coulter, Deputy CEO, Co-operatives UK

"Our leaders are a more effective and aware team contributing at a higher level, they've done well and delivered the numbers, which has reinforced the benefit of this programme." Full case story
Martin Totty, Group Managing Director, FirstAssist

"I think this is one of the best workshops I have attended, if not the best, and feedback has been very favourable." Full case story
Bahaa Seedhom, Chairman, Xiros

"We have reduced the amount of meeting time by 50% (worth around £100,000 in released time) and yet have improved the quality of output significantly." Full case story
Commercial Development Officer, International Snack Food Company

"There's no way we would have done something so fast before.  We'd still be talking about what to do about it." Full case story
Phil Kelsey, Sainsburys

"The training project was grounded firmly in reality, as the team was set a specific, real-life task...and asked to present possible solutions to a senior management team."  Full case story
Liz Batup, Project Manager, O2

"It is a meeting people do not want to miss. It made us think about how we use our time, and has brought the issue of time and choice into people's minds.  Frustration and anger in meetings has been enormously reduced." Full case story
Plant Manager, London Manufacturing Plant

"...using various creative thinking approaches in a practical focused way that enabled ideas to be properly developed and implemented, instead of being left in the air." Full case story
Training Manager, Airport Operator

"We did two and a half day's work on the first morning itself." Full case story
Innovation Director, Bulmer's

"Synectics processes helped us understand that periods of uncertainty and confusion are part of the innovation process."  Full case story
Chris Lukehurst, Barclays

"Jonne's techniques are both flexible and powerful.  He helps to get our organisation right to the creative edge.  On our own we wouldn't do this type of thing and wouldn't push the boundaries in thinking what the future might look like." Full case story
Alan Ashby, Director Global Concept Development, DePuy International, a Johnson & Johnson company

"...Jonne worked with my group to both gel us together far better, and delivering greater quantity and quality of decisions, but also using 50% of the meeting time we had previously consumed!" Full case story
Paul Hayes
Vice President, Retail Marketing Europe, Disney Consumer Products

"Jonne was a breath of fresh air in our business." Full case story
Colin Stump, Formerly Executive Director, Mansfield Brewery plc and, most recently, Chief Executive, Glanbia Foods

"Jonne helped us to step away from our normal corporate culture in order to listen to our customers in new ways."  Full case story
Diana Hunter, Senior Manager, Sainsbury's

"Jonne helped us to be more visionary when we needed to be and to be more focused when that was required." Full case story
Urvashi Bramwell, Chief Corporate Development Officer, Wrexham Borough Council

"By the end of the first day a co-operative open climate had been established enabling all of us to take considerable risks as we were introduced to a series of creative thinking strategies and processes." Full case story
Caroline Taylor, Staffordshire County Networking Officer, CPD Team QLS , Staffordshire County Council